Tips in Life Insurance


1. Always write a Life Insurance policy “in Trust”.

You should have your Life Insurance policy written “in Trust”. This means that in the event of a claim, the money will go directly and quickly to the person(s) you specify and avoids all Inheritance Tax. That could represent a tax saving of 40%!

2. Initially Reviewable Life Insurance Policies are cheaper but Guaranteed policies normally work out cheaper in the medium/longer term.

With a “Guaranteed” policy the insurance company guarantees never to increase your policy’s premium.

With a “Reviewable” your premium will increase. The insurance company reviews your premium regularly (normally every 2 to 5 years but this can vary) and has the right to increase your premium on each review.

When you initially start a policy, a “Reviewable” contract will have a have lower premium than the equivalent “Guaranteed” version – but “Reviewable” policies can catch up quickly and, in the longer term, are more expensive.

Some insurance companies have stopped offering “Guaranteed” rates for life insurance policies that includes Critical Illness cover. This because they have experienced higher claim rates than originally expected. “Guaranteed” rates can be an especially good value and if we are able to quote you for a “Guaranteed” policy that includes critical illness cover, you should very seriously consider it.

3. Thinking about a Joint Life Insurance Policy?

A Joint Life Insurance policy will pay out as soon as the first policyholder dies. This leaves the second person uninsured and probably at an older age. Older people can struggle to get life insurance at an affordable premium, so consider taking out separate policies now. Overall it will work out a little dearer – but you get double the cover and double peace of mind.

4. Now could be a good time to add Critical Illness to your new Life Insurance policy.

Are you likely to need Critical Illness Insurance in the future? If so, consider adding it now to your life insurance policy.

Why? There are two reasons: 

  • A policy which combines Life Insurance with Critical Illness will work out significantly cheaper than buying two separate policies.
  • You may be able to buy a combined Life and Critical Illness policy with a guaranteed premium. This is a big advantage as fewer life insurance companies offer a guaranteed premium on separate life insurance and Critical Illness policies.
    (Read Tip 2 for more details)

5. Do you want your life insurance policy to include health cover? Make sure you understand the difference between Terminal Illness and Critical Illness cover.

It’s important to understand the difference between Terminal Illness and Critical Illness cover because there’s a world of difference between them.

Terminal Illness cover pays out a lump sum if a Medical Doctor diagnoses you with an illness from which the Doctor expects you to die within 12 months. Most good life policies automatically include Terminal Illness cover at no extra cost.

A Critical Illness policy pays out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a wide range qualifying chronic illness and, with many, you could survive for many years. For example: certain cancers, heart disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, loss of speech, sight or hearing, onset of Parkinsons or Alzheimers disease, third degree burns etc.*

Critical Illness cover insures you against a much wider range of risks than terminal illness cover and it will alwayscosts you extra.

*Please note that policy conditions do vary between insurance companies.

Study: Happy Mid-life

Americans’ positive outlook is in one piece,  in respect to retirement, in spite of the economic disturbance that is supposedly requiring lots of people to work longer and also use much less. Lots of senior citizens found only one drawback: They desire they might have done it sooner. That’s basing on a brand-new survey from The Hartford and MIT AgeLab.


The recently launched Age of Opportunity research study, which gauged the point of views as well as issues of Americans both in and also approaching retirement, found that many senior citizens are pleased with their life, as well as both pre-retirees and also retired people have a good mindset regarding retired life overall:

Retired people are a lot more most likely to claim “I am healthier since I am retired” (77 percent) compared to those which have yet to retire are to claim “I will certainly be healthier after I retire” (64 percent).
Besides wishing they can retire earlier (35 percent of pre-retirees), or might have retired previously (42 percent of retirees), lots of current and also prospective retirees view few downsides regarding retiring.
Twenty-six percent of those nearing retired life claimed they really feel “confident” concerning retirement, while 27 percent of those which have lately retired say they feel “serene”.

Among those who did find something less compared to positive concerning the following stage of their lives, dealing with clinical or health and wellness issues was mentioned frequently (21 percent for both retirees as well as pre-retirees).

Among retirees, the longer affluent are at least twice as likely as others to point out quitting a satisfying career as an unfavorable to retirement.

The research study, conducted by GfK Roper for The Hartford as well as the MIT AgeLab, surveyed folks that are within 10 years of retiring vs. those that have retired within the last 10 years, and tried to address the the inquiry, “Does the truth of retirement suit assumptions?”

“We actually intended to take a holistic consider retired life,” stated David Levenson, head of state of The Hartford’s Wealth Management Division. “The research found that despite price controls, many folks declare, positive as well as quite delighted to be retired, although many desired they had actually been better ready monetarily.”

Much better to be Healthy
Many pre-retirees and also retirees cite health and wellness or med concerns as things they worry most about impacting their retired life. Wellness is definitely top of thoughts. Various other health-related findings consist of:

If they could possibly alter one facet of retired life, senior citizens state they would certainly have saved additional cash or been much better ready economically (32 percent), yet they also wish they would certainly paid more interest to the significance of health and wellness concerns (13 percent).

When asked how long they want to live, most stated “as long as I am healthy and balanced” (80 percent of pre-retirees, 75 percent of retirees). In contrast, merely 3 percent of pre-retirees and 4 percent of retirees stated they would certainly like to live as long as their money lasts.

Retirement-age Americans see themselves living a long time. Many expect to make it into their 90s (29 percent of pre-retirees, 35 percent of retirees).

Although many retired people (48 percent) and also a lot of pre-retirees (63 percent) say their partner is the person probably to care for them if they become chronically ill, few (11 percent of pre-retirees as well as 10 percent of senior citizens) state their leading issue is taking care of a spouse or member of the family impacting their retirement.

“Today’s retired person is redefining what retired life is– and also isn’t– as well as Opportunity Study suggests that folks near retired life, or just recently retired, have positive yet realistic assumptions,” said Joseph Coughlin, Ph.D., founder and Director of the MIT AgeLab. “These searchings for suggest that business, organizations as well as households need to redefine exactly how they involve this next-generation senior citizen to assist them intend as well as envision for the economic demands of durability in addition to all the little and also huge points that comprise a pleased, healthy and balanced and longer life.

Readying Financially
When it pertains to preparing, both pre-retirees and also senior citizens claimed a milestone birthday (19 percent of pre-retirees, 14 percent of retirees) or the understanding that they are within 10 years of retiring (15 percent of pre-retirees, 11 percent of retired people) were both most typical causes for serious economic preparing. It likewise appears that early planning plays off: More upscale senior citizens– those with $250,000 or longer of investable assets– are two times as likely to claim they started major monetary preparing when they obtained their very first job.

The study likewise discovered that retired people as well as pre-retirees share values of exactly what makes for a comfy lifestyle. Both teams state they would be prepared to quit some “bonus” to aid make ends fulfill in retirement, consisting of transferring to a more humble residence (14 percent of retired people and 21 percent of pre-retirees), driving a less-expensive vehicle (15 percent and 18 percent, respectively), or buying less (17 percent for both). They were less going to quit eating out, entertainment and also leisure quests. Those which are more affluent are also a lot more most likely to “trade down” a house or automobile to preserve other elements of their way of living.

Just what Makes Retirees Tick?
Americans’ independent-mindedness likewise revealed through as the survey found that senior citizens state they followed their very own course, and also pre-retirees intend to do the very same. When asked just what tune they ‘d utilize to explain the retired life they have, or the one they want to have, both groups usually picked (I Did It) “My Way.”

Fruits and Veggies to Add to Your Menu

It will soon be time to state farewell to summer’s produce- those juicy peaches, best berries, tasty zucchini, delicious basil and other periodic offerings- you won’t be left with a bare fruit dish or empty crisper. Instead, you could fill them with ultra-nutritious as well as delicious autumn produce.
Bob Greene, creator of claims that fall supplies a bounty of scrumptious fruit and vegetables, such as apples, oranges, grapes and also pears, rapini, shelling grains and celery root.

Here are some suggestions of what to search for at the marketplace this fall:

Leading Fresh Market Finds to Add to Your Grocery List This Fall:
Apples: They’re higher in fiber, plus they contain quercetin, which has cancer-fighting residential properties.

Pears: A medium pear consists of an outstanding six grams of fiber. Make sure to consume the skin; it’s higher in anti-oxidants.

Grapes: Red and also black grapes are a fantastic choice due to the fact that they include heart-healthy anthocyanins as well as resveratrol, another phytochemical that aids as well as safeguards the heart battle cancer cells.


Oranges: One 60-calorie orange provides 100 percent of your day-to-day value (DV) of vitamin C, three grams of fiber and also 10 percent of the DV of folate, a B vitamin that helps combat cancer cells as well as birth flaws.


Rapini (broccoli raab): This functional vegetable seems like broccoli as well as can be made use of in many various type of cuisine, consisting of Chinese and italian. It’s an excellent source of vitamins An as well as K, plus it gives cancer-fighting “phenolic materials.”

Shelling Beans: These fully grown beans in the hull have actually to be shelled just before consuming, yet they take just about 15 minutes to cook. They come in several varieties, consisting of black-eyed peas and cranberry grains, and are a great source of protein and also fiber.

Celery Root (celeriac): This knobby-looking brownish vegetable that’s offered from October until March consists of substances that aid reduced inflammation (a trigger for heart problem and various other persistent health conditions).


Be Physically Fit All the Time


Just what s good for the physical body is excellent for the spirit as well.

As individuals age, it is extremely important to keep determined, to claim to on your own, I can do it.

Regular physical exercise ares a lot more vital for senior citizens compared to other age teams since the risk of illness and also shed movement is higher and the positive impacts are realized faster. But, as we all recognize, the hardest part is starting. Tips for starting:

  • Try to find day-to-day chances to work out in work and play.
  • Force on your own to stroll by vehicle parking your automobile many car parking alleys far from the shop or your office doorway and stroll quickly!
  • Choose an exercise you like as well as stick with it. Use the friend system. Prepare to have a close friend meet you It s more difficult to claim no to exercise when you work out with a buddy.
  • Stroll, swim, climb, bike, dance, fish! Sign up with a strolling team or visit your local Y, entertainment center, park, religion, or elderly.