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Selling life insurance online usually requires a number of things and none of which is hassle-free. You must have a decent website to establish yourself as an authority. And the best thing is, it just need you hosting and few other things to start with.

The move to hosting your options online can be easy but also difficult in some situations. It’s usually done with the right clothes for one. Jeans and a white tee won’t cut it. Suits would be the better choice. Then, the location where you sell it can’t be in one place only. See, life insurance isn’t that typical scrumptious burger which people would go out of their ways to buy, even if that means a 30-minute drive or a 45-minute wait in line. No, life insurance has to be offered. That’s why agents put on their suits on a daily basis and travel around, knocking from one door to another just to offer people something they haven’t even thought they needed. Imagine the hard work the agents do.

What if these agents can be agents without being actually present at the scene? Yes, we’re talking about selling life insurance online. It is quite possible. However, the first step in this direction is to realize that selling life insurance online won’t get you the same results as it does when you talk to the clients in person and have them sign the agreement. In this age, no one will voluntarily offer their payment online without having made sure that what they’re paying for is actually legit. Having said all that, it is quite possible to get the clients to come to the life insurance being offered – and this can be done online.

Build a Website

This is how people usually get information about the product that they want. A good website encourages clients to actually purchase what is offered. Make sure to choose a good and reliable web hosting company for your website so that transactions and queries can be dealt with smoothly.


Once you’ve set up your website, make sure to advertise it and your product to other platforms. There are some platforms that you can use for free, and there are some that need to be paid. Social media sites are a good way to start advertising as millions of people are there every day.

Ask for Important Information Only

Phone number, name, and e-mail address would qualify. These are necessary details to further discuss the life insurance being offered. Other things, like credit card information, would be shady. People don’t trust the internet and so asking for information that could put them in a bad spot would only send them away.

Keep It Simple

Forms that potential clients would need to fill out should be kept simple and professional. If something as simple as a form is complicated, then they’d think that the next steps would only be everything but smooth and convenient.

Provide Product Information

If you present your products well, it will encourage clients to continue availing what you’re offering. Give enough information on the website to get them hooked, but don’t give enough details that they won’t need to talk to you anymore, hence stealing the chance for you to convince them completely.

These are some of the ways to sell life insurance online. Remember that these might only give you leads, so it’s important to remember that you will still have to do your job as an agent, just minus the everyday suit and walk.

Post Author: Eleanor Horton

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