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Phone Insurance

In this age, almost everything can be insured. There’s the homeowner’s insurance. There’s the car insurance. There’s the business insurance. Unsurprisingly, there’s also phone insurance for something like Phone insurance is usually offered when you buy your phone. Along with the mobile plans, insurance packages for your new phone are available, too.

Why Should You Have Mobile Phone Insurance?

Lost Phones

Phone insurance covers phone loss. If you’re someone who often forgets and loses his phone, then it might a good idea for you to get a phone insurance policy.

Stolen Phones

This might sound surreal for some, but people actually steal other people’s phones. Incidents like this have been happening since mobile phones were invented. You get on that subway fully confident that your phone is inside your bag only to get off the train without that precious little device inside. Of course, in this case, it’s not really your fault. However, you can never know if and when it will happen to you. That’s why phone insurance is a good idea.

Broken Phones

It’s a good idea to get your phone insured as it’s never really improbable to not break your phone. Accidents happen and so even when you’re very careful with your phone, other people might just do the job for you. Most phone insurance policies cover broken phones. To get more information about how broken phones can be covered by the insurance policy, talk to your phone company.

Locked in A Contract

Another thing to expect when you get a phone with a mobile plan is the lock-in period. That period would usually last for a couple of years. That would limit your choices when it comes to mobile phone and so it’s advisable to make sure that your phone would be in almost perfect condition at all times by getting a phone insurance policy.

Stick to Your Phone

Usually, when you have one of those mobile plans, the opportunity to change your phone for a cheaper price after a couple of years will come. Now, if you plan to stick with your phone at hand, and you don’t want to upgrade or downgrade, it would be wise to get a phone insurance to make sure that in case anything happens to your phone, you’ll get the chance to have it back or at least exactly the same model.

What Are the Circumstances Wherein Phone Insurance Won’t Be Applicable?


Yes, phone insurance covers phone theft and loss, but that doesn’t mean that you can afford to be careless with it. Most times, phone insurance only covers phone loss and theft when the incident was absolutely unavoidable. If the insurance company has confirmed that the incident happened mostly because of the owner’s neglect, they might not cover it.

Delayed Report

Once your phone gets stolen or lost, it is imperative that you report it right away. Reporting it a month after the incident would make your phone insurance quite useless.

Conditions and coverage might differ among phone insurance packages. It’s best to talk it out with the phone company that gives the insurance policy before purchasing the package.

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