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Insurance Companies Use SMS

Using text messaging as a tool to use for insurance companies is a must nowadays. Bulk SMS is deemed better than email messaging since people look at their phones more often than checking their emails. The advantages of using SMS is it helps increase the company’s income, find prospects for the business, and be able to notify the customers about their loans.

Text messaging is also chosen by most customers because it is more convenient to send a message if they have issues regarding their insurance or if they simply need customer service support. Below we have made a list of ways that insurance companies can do to utilize the benefits of using SMS for their business.

Schedules Appointments

You can use SMS to schedule appointments and remind the prospects of the date of the meeting. Some are busy to answer their phones or might be doing some chores, thus using text messaging as an alternative to inform them is suitable.

Provides Speedy Service

Not all customers are aware of the rules or laws when it comes to insurance policies. Hence, there will come a point where they will be needing assistance. Using SMS will enable you and your client to communicate faster by messaging.

Gives Text Blasts

Using this method will make your company have a higher probability of getting new customers. It increases brand awareness and makes messaging easier than manually sending out messages to people.

Gathers Surveys

Asking for feedback from people will make the company more aware of what aspect they need to change or improve. Satisfying your clients and offering them the best service is essential for your business.

Pursues Debtors

It’s inevitable to encounter a person with a loan debt when you are running or working in an insurance company; the best way to notify them is by using SMS. There is no need to chase them by going to their houses and end up getting none. By sending them a message, they will be aware that they have existing debt that needs to be paid.

Sends Customers Messages on their Birthdays and Customer Anniversaries

There is no better way to build trust and relationship with your customers than by treating them like family. A simple greeting will make them feel like they are being cared for, especially in the insurance business where customers think insurance agents are just there to get their money.

Notifies Billing

To avoid overdue payments, reminding customers about their bills will avoid the hassle of forgetting to pay for it. Also, receiving an SMS will grab their attention and more likely that they will be able to pay on time.

SMS is helpful when it comes to building your business and when aiming to spread awareness of the brand as an insurance company. Not only will it help you to market insurance to people, but it will also be advantageous when it comes to assisting your customers and educating them about what the company is offering. Text messaging is a go-to strategy today for businesses so don’t wait any longer and use this method to increase your leads for your insurance company.

Post Author: Eleanor Horton

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