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Insurance Cover Broken Glass Windows

Windows are some of the main parts of a house. There are many types of window repair pelham al depending on the house design or the owner’s preference. But one thing is common among most windows – they are mostly made of glass. It is understandable given the nice picturesque view a glass window can give. Windows also allow light to pass through and give the house a natural lighting system. Even your car also has glass windows, which enables you to keep the air-conditioning on during a hot day or keep out dust and smoke.

But, glass is fragile. It can crack and be broken due to stress or extreme force. Widows can also slip from their frames, especially when they’re already really old.

Window glass repair is often pricey since most people can’t install new glass windows on their own, therefore needing professional service. It can also be time-consuming since not all windows are square or rectangle in shape, making it harder to fix them. Some customized windows may take weeks to be prepared by glass makers.

Because of these, homeowners resort to home insurance plans to cover for repair and replacement of their broken windows. House insurance policy includes coverage such as dwelling coverage and liability coverage. Dwelling coverage covers glass repair and replacement if the cause of the damage is included in the insurance policy’s list. If in case you or your children accidentally break somebody else’s window and someone got hurt, liability coverage covers medical bills and compensation fees.

To know if your insurance covers broken glass windows you have to know:

If your current house insurance has a dwelling coverage

Talk to your agent about the policies of your current house insurance and see if it includes broken glass repair and replacement. Some insurance companies don’t include this at first, but you can add glass repair and replacement under maintenance and repair policy of your current house insurance.

If the cause of the damage is under your current house insurance hazard coverage

Dwelling coverage covers glass repair and replacement if caused by the following hazards:

  • Hale
  • Fire/smoke
  • Lightning strikes
  • Damage caused by snow
  • Extreme wind
  • Explosion
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Falling object
  • Damage from vehicles

If your current house insurance covers the type of house you live in

Some house insurance only covers residential houses and owned houses. If you live in an apartment complex, the glass repair and replacement may be covered by the insurance of the building in which your apartment is in and not your house insurance.

If your current house insurance covers the type of window you have

Some windows are customized; for example, a two-way mirror window, tinted windows, or large ceiling-to-floor windows. These types of windows may cost you out-of-pocket expense if your current insurance only covers see-through glass windows. Also, the insurance may specify a size coverage, so if your window is too large, the insurance may not cover it despite of you having a glass repair and replacement policy.

If your car is included in your current house insurance

Some house insurance sometimes covers not just the house but also other structures like a pool or garage. Some house insurance companies also partner with certain car brands. Such companies may cover damage to your car caused by the same hazards that can break your house windows. Talk to your agent about car window insurance and see if this service is included.

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