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Homeowners Insurance

Being able to buy or build your own house from your savings or earnings after countless duties and overtimes is one of your greatest life achievements. That’s why Timberline Home Inspectors suggests to always make sure that your efforts won’t be put to waste due to damages inflicted by natural disasters and other factors.

As a homeowner, you must apply for homeowners insurance to support your financial needs over loses and damages. In addition, this insurance also offers liability coverage in case of an accident at home or within the property.

Even without an inspection, acquiring a homeowners insurance is still applicable for anyone who wishes to insure themselves against costly expenses over accidents or losses.

Is An Inspection Really Necessary Before Applying for a Homeowners Insurance?

This process isn’t really part of the requirements in applying for insurance. In fact, it is only decided by insurance companies. In case your house has been standing for over 25 years without any record of recent inspection, your insurance company might require a 4-point inspection for a standard policy.

Failing to accomplish the inspection might instigate risks which give insurers doubt whether to approve your request for homeowners insurance or not. Inspections are not federally required, but it’s always best to secure a copy of the recent inspect, especially if you’re planning to sell your property.

Can an Appraisal Be Used in Applying for Homeowners Insurance?

The insurance company you’re applying for may consider an appraisal whilst securing your policy. Appraisals, however, isn’t a powerful proof against inspections, especially when your property is already old.

Appraisals are usually needed when selling your house or applying for a mortgage. The appraiser will only check the overall value of your house by evaluating the overall structure appearance (whether there are damages or molds). It doesn’t check the safety of your house.

Inspections are mostly paid by a possible buyer of your house to see if the house has damages. Determining if your contract with the seller has home inspection as part of the contingency, you have every right to decline the offer if there are damages in the property not disclosed by the seller.

Therefore, it’s safer to say that executing house inspections and commercial building inspections, in terms of other properties, is a safe bet for any property owner for less hassle.

4-Point Home Inspection

This process is a brief inspection of your house that’s mandatory when applying for insurance. For houses standing for more than a decade without any recent inspection, a 4-point inspection is needed.

This type of inspection gives insurers an idea of the potential risk they’ll be committing themselves if they give you a homeowners insurance and the charges they’ll forward to you to cover that risk.


Insurances are significant to everyone as it provides financial support for your properties, health, and education. Various companies offer a wide range of insurances, each providing different benefits.

Therefore, you must identify what you truly need. Applying for a homeowners insurance can help you financially secure yourself over damages or losses in your house or within your property. Conducting a house inspection, however, isn’t mandatory in applying for insurance.

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