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Have you ever been curious as to why most insurance companies consider marketing themselves the traditional way? Through advertisements or through televisions and newspapers? SEO is continuously changing here, which makes it perplexing for insurance agents to keep up with the changing trends. These media advertisements are also cheaper.

Google is becoming smart and is aware of shortcuts and hidden strategies that businesses use to remain at the top. Being aware of these malpractices, Google is trying to level the field, to ensure everyone earns traffic using correct channels.

Keyword research is an essential branch for Search Engine Optimization. Google reports that CPCs done for insurance keywords tend to be quite costly. This is what discourages most people from conducting their research. What they fail to acknowledge is that even if you have a well-established insurance company, marketing your services will always going to be expensive.

Luckily one can conduct keyword research to help with online advertising in the highly competitive insurance industry.  You can get around the CPCs through RLSA- Remarketing Lists for Search Ads.

Why you need to engage in keyword research

Through proper keyword research, you get to grow your insurance services. It is a great marketing strategy for both infant insurance companies and well-established companies in the industry. Therefore, everyone in the industry needs to find the most searched and relevant keyword to use for their Google advertisements.

Each day, people are seeking a service, product of offering from the internet. Your role is to create an advertisement which will reach your target audience, and rank you higher in the search results page. Here are the keywords which have managed to get top search volume.

Top keywords by order of search volume

Car insurance

Car insurance quotes


Health insurance

Cheap car insurance

Insurance quotes

Life insurance

Renters insurance

Home insurance

Renters insurance

Cheap insurance

Compare car insurance

Insurance companies

Auto insurance quotes

Medical insurance

Van insurance

Gap insurance

Home insurance quotes

Business insurance

Insurance agents

How to use the keywords

It is crucial to do more than just bid on the above or any other top keywords. You can add them as you create Google ads. By adding the keywords you bid on to your advertisement, it will increase your chances of getting a high-quality score.

The Google Quality score refers to a ranking system which selects the best advertisements that get shown in every search. Therefore, ads which have a favourable score get shown frequently, at an affordable cost and in a higher position than other ads.


Remember to bid on the keywords, and also to add them in copies of your ads.  Make an effort to focus on the above keywords. Using them in your bidding, landing page strategy and advertisement copies gives you a strong foundation. The results of this foundation are an active Google Ads Campaign.  We recommend using other SEO practices, such as creating good content and adding customer testimonials.

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