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Insurance in Your Agency

Using signs and WIFI signage display made of clear plastic is recommended when you decide to market your agency. Your marketing message will be visible to everyone entering your office hence high chances of selling more insurance. It is essential to have in mind about Digital Signage with WIFI when marketing your insurance. The following tips will guide you on using different clear plastic signs in order to sell more insurance.

  • Everything you sell sign

Ensure that the different insurances that you sell are listed on the sign. Its visual display can be made more appealing by using graphics. This will continually remind everyone of walking in your office about everything you are selling. People will give a thought to your insurance even if they use another type of insurance. There is a possibility that more people will buy your insurance.

  • A sign of “refer a friend”

Remember to let your clients know how much you like and appreciate referrals. Indicating that you offer a reward to any client who refers someone to you is also important. Ensure this marketing idea has reached every client who enjoys your services so that more customers are brought on board.

  • A sign of “connect with us”

This is geared at encouraging walk-in clients to get connected with you via your profile on social platforms. Providing QR codes and a URL to your clients is also a good idea for expanding your market. LinkedIn is the most crucial platform that should not be left out.

  • A sign of “review us online”

This will encourage satisfied clients to give your business a higher rating supported by good reviews. Pull out some logos from google so that you can have evidence of the already satisfied clients. This will make clients think about your services and attract them into buying insurance from you.

  • A sign of upcoming events in the community

Supporting the community is very important because it proves how you value them. Such a bond is an indication that you are not only interested in their money but also their welfare. This builds a good reputation that attracts many clients hence selling more insurance.

  • A sign of upcoming events of your agency

Important events like a party to appreciate your clients or a financial seminar are very important to be communicated to your clients.

Some clients take weeks before visiting your office therefore it is important to put up this sign some months prior to the event. This will make it possible for them to plan early in time and it is an indication that you care for them. Such activity will attract more clients because of the efficiency and high quality of your services.

  • A sign to thank your clients

Thanking your clients will never be enough but it is always important to let them become aware of their value in your business. Let your staff thank all clients who visit your premises as this is a motivation for them and they will be pleased with your insurance services.


The discussed ideas are very important in boosting your insurance business. Selling more is your ultimate goal therefore a good marketing strategy is recommended. Following the tips keenly will land you to more sell and you will achieve your business goal easily. Ensure you embrace the Digital Signage with WIFI.

Post Author: Eleanor Horton

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