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Life Insurance Rates

Marijuana in Canada and some states of the US like these may be legal, but there will always be a question of whether it can affect your life insurance rates. We all know that the riskier the lifestyle, the less likely you can secure great insurance deals, but marijuana usage is on the borderline of the public perception as harmful and scientific studies as helpful.

In order to be certain, it is important to ask for inquiries on insurance companies and consult the existing laws about that.

View of Life Insurance Companies about Marijuana Use

Smoking weed will not be a valid reason for the automatic refusal in getting life insurance coverage, much like with smoking cigarettes which are obviously harmful. Life insurance companies will base their coverage on studies and therefore, rest assured that their views on marijuana use are updated. However, the rates can be different from one provider to another, and there can be factors relating to marijuana use that can also affect it.

Frequency Of Smoking Weed

As mentioned, life insurance providers are not the same as one another. Some may consider you in the smoker category and some will not. It will depend on how frequently you smoke marijuana or how you take it in.

The more you smoke marijuana, the same with chain-smokers, the more you will likely be put in the riskier category. Since the studies of marijuana usage are still in their infancy even though the majority of them suggest it is more on the positive side, the long-term effects are very debatable. When you apply for insurance coverage, make sure to stay honest to avoid any legal consequences.

Drug Screenings By Life Insurance Agencies

A medical exam is a requirement for applying for life insurance, and within that exam, insurance companies may request drug screening. It will be favorable to you if the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) results will turn out negative even if you admit you are a marijuana user. However, in terms of other drugs, the matter is entirely different.

Life Insurance Rates On Marijuana Usage

The medicinal use of marijuana is viewed more positively than recreational use. However, note that insurance companies will likely consider your claim as a medicinal marijuana user if there are valid prescriptions from a doctor.

On recreational marijuana use, evaluation can be difficult. Aside from age and gender, here are other things they will look at:

  • Tobacco use
  • Mental stability
  • Driving record

Getting the Best Life Insurance Rate

Getting the best life insurance rate, whether you are a marijuana user or not, can be really tricky. Sometimes, it can be a hit or a miss. Before you commit, you need to shop around first.

Knowing what they can offer and their views about marijuana use are important details you have to look into. You may inquire for clarifications but reserve your intention to buy on the policy that suits you best. If you find it taxing to do it yourself, then look for a financial adviser with an unbiased opinion to help you with.


As of now, the view about marijuana is ever-changing. In places with great health packages, you might be having higher chances of securing great insurance rates, but in other places, you will be entirely relying on luck. You can limit marijuana use to secure the best insurance deals and limit yourself for medicinal use with the required prescription.

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Having this option means that if you ever want to increase the amount of lump sum payout of your policy in the future, you are eligible to do so without providing current medical status, or simply, no questions asked.

The insurance company will always assess their risk when a client has medical conditions. Being overweight may lead to other more serious cardiovascular diseases or diabetes so that the company may have to adjust the policy terms. You may also undergo a medical examination that ensures that you are perfectly healthy despite your weight. The severity of your asthma may also matter.

If you have just started smoking, the company may encourage you to stop it in order to not compromise your health. If your smoking has already damaged your lungs, then an insurance company will have to assess their risks depending on the severity of the damage and your own management of the addiction.

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