Express Life Insurance is an insurance company committed to securing the future of our clients, their families and their assets. Every person deserves to have a peaceful retirement or a secured future for their families, especially their children. This is why our company is set to make your lives better.

Our goal is to create a wholesome relationship with our clients and their families for us to know their choices and present options suitable for each client’s current status.

Our financial advisers and planners are well trained to educate anyone interested in having an insurance plan. We provide our financial services to anyone from all walks of life, from small businesses to large corporations. We are committed to helping you protect and manage your wealth.

We have different policies to choose from and you may rest assured that your financial agent is studying your financial status and capabilities so that they may present you with which suits you best. We offer:

  • Family Life Insurance
  • Wealth and Income Management Plans
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Employee Protection/Insurance
  • Company or Business Insurance
  • Retirement Plans
  • Critical Illness Cover and Health Insurance
  • Income Protection

Our company offers financial advice regarding each of our client’s income, health, pensions, current and future investments, taxes and inheritance/legacy planning. These are all done with absolute confidentiality.

We are located at 74 Prospect Hill in London. You may contact us at 078 0088 8876 or email us at

Our team of financial experts, managers, specialists, and support agents are all well-equipped for any inquiries directed at them. Your interest in securing your future is of great value to our company. Call or email us anytime!