The reality of cancer survivors having an insurance policy after diagnosis is unlikely because most insurance companies opt to not include cancer survivors in their client list. However, there are still a lot of major insurance companies that actually care for the well-being of every individual interested to secure the future of their families.

A cancer survivor is eligible to be a client depending on:

  • Cancer classification
  • Stage of cancer including the involvement of the surrounding lymph nodes
  • Treatment plans such as chemotherapy, surgery, or radiotherapy
  • Possibility of remission
  • Genetic history on the family
  • Time since the diagnosis of the cancer

Insurance companies must also assess their risk of allowing a patient to secure a plan since cancer patients have a high mortality rate. A medical history will have to be provided. You must also talk to your oncologist about your plan of securing an insurance policy because the company may also ask you to have a medical examination on their trusted hospitals or laboratories. Your oncologist must always be informed of the test procedures that you will undergo in order to compromise your eligibility as a client and your health status.

Depending on their assessment, the company may adjust the terms of the policy by increasing the premiums of the plan or remove other inclusions.

It is important that your first attempt of securing a policy will be a success since a history of client rejection might also put off the next insurance company you apply to. This is why companies like ours are here to help and guide you in finding the right insurance plan.