A diabetic has to be extra careful with every move he or she has to take, including whether to secure an insurance policy or not. It is absolutely helpful for a diabetic patient to secure an insurance plan since the disease is incurable, although it can be managed.

Diabetes is a disorder of the pancreas where the body’s blood glucose levels are abnormal due to excess production of insulin. It may cause a few other diseases on nerves and other organs like the eyes, heart, and kidney.

It may be a bit complicated for a diabetic patient to secure a plan since a company has to assess a client’s eligibility according to:

  • Type of diabetes
  • Management of the client’s diabetes
  • Age of the client at diagnosis
  • Other triggering factors such as thyroid disorders, high BMI.
  • Other medical issues like cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol levels

A client who has previously secured life insurance before diagnosis does not lose its validity while the term is ongoing.

With insurance companies having different perspectives for diabetic patients, it is important for an intermediary insurance company to help in selecting which policy to choose that fits the client’s medical condition and family status.